Test Cricket in Australia 1877-2002.

The Contents


The volume is a large book in A4 format (210 x 297 mm) with 544 pages. It is produced in cloth-bound hardcover to high production standards, similar to Ray Webster’s volumes First-Class Cricket in Australia, although with a larger format demanded by the more detailed data being reported. A dust-jacket is included.




Endpaper: a reproduction of a page from a magnificent original Bill Ferguson scorebook from 1910.


Introduction: 12 pages of detailed description of changes in the game over the last 125 years. Includes


  • The Published record: How reporting of Tests matches has developed in books, magazines and newspapers
  • The Unpublished record: original scorebooks and where they can be found.
  • Balls Faced: discovering this relatively modern statistic in older records.
  • Changes in the Game: a complete account of how changes in playing hours, covering of pitches, over rates, scoring rates, and many other parameters have influenced the game over the years.
  • Introduction to the scores: new aspects of the scorecard format.


Introduction (link to excerpt)


The Scores 1877-2002

Scores of all Test matches in Australia are given, one per page (323 Tests in all). There are numerous innovative features. (Example of scorecards )  Each Test series is also given an introductory description, and a full set of series averages. The scores are up-to-date, up to and including Australia v South Africa in 2001-02.


Player Regsister

Biographical info on every player who has appeared in Tests in Australia, in a summarised table format. Full names, dates of births and deaths, bowling style, left-handers, etc.


Career Averages

Complete averages of every player who has played Tests in Australia. Performances in Australia, and in career as a whole. These are some of the most detailed averages ever published, and include novel features such as scoring speeds for batsmen, and total number of run outs credited to fieldsmen.


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