At this early stage, The Test Match Archive  has not been reviewed, but here are some comments on the author’s previous work, a book called The Best of the Best (available from ABC Bookshops and website).



"The Best of the Best, by Charles Davis, is a wondrous work." ....

"His style is persuasive, even when he presents tables that will cause excited debate in any bar or parlour where sport is talked."


From Wisden 2001 (UK)




“No doubts at all, this is the best cricket statistical work of all time."


From "The Cricket Statistician" (the Journal of the Association of Cricket Statisticians and Historians, UK). Comments from book reveiwer Robert Brooke.




“…effectively destroys several myths and misconceptions. It has been painstakingly researched and is consistently entertaining. Whoever believes that statistics is an ascetic and dry discipline should read this brilliant book.”


J Neville Turner, President, Australian Cricket Society (2001).




“…a unique cricket book…sheds new light on how the great players of our era can be compared to their predecessors. …Strongly recommended…an outstanding publication.”


Rajesh Kumar, Star TV, India.




“……not so bad.”


Gideon Haigh (well you can’t win them all)



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